Grab your weekend by the crown jewels and say yes to a raucous night of comedy with the women ruling the impro scene!


Join us every other Friday for Soho's first female-led comedy impro night. Each week a different line-up of queens will grab the sceptre and hilariously hold court for an evening of spontaneous scenes, sketches and games created on the spot with suggestions from you, the audience.

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Friday 3rd April

Starring Ruth Bratt, Amy Cooke-Hodgson, Ali James and Briony Redman with musical accompaniment by Yshani Perinpanayagam.

briony redman headshot
ali james_edited
Amy Cooke Hodgson
Ruth Bratt

Friday 17th April

Starring Pippa Evans, Helen Foster, Sue Harrison, and Maria Peters with musical accompaniment by Sandra-Mae Luykx. 

pippa evans
mariapeters - colour
helen foster

Friday 1st May

Starring Ruth Bratt, Pippa Evans, Monica Gaga and Maria Peters. With Special Guest Mischief Theatre's Charlie Russell and musical accompaniment by Sarah Morrison. 

Charlie Russell
Monica Gaga
ruth bratt colour
pippa evans
mariapeters - colour

Friday 15th May

Starring Ruth Bratt, Pippa Evans, Ali James and Heather Urquhart with musical accompaniment by Yshani Perinpanayagam. 

ali james
heather urqhart
ruth bratt colour
pippa evans

Friday 29th May

Starring Ruth Bratt, Pippa Evans, Sue Harrison and Sally Hodgkiss. With Special Guest Luisa Omielan and musical accompaniment by Yshani Perinpanayagam. 

Luisa Omielan
Sally Hodgkiss
ruth bratt colour
pippa evans

More Acts and Dates to be added soon!



Friday 1st November

The Ladies of Showstopper!

Showstopper! The Improvised Musical has been a rip-roaring success since the show started in 2008. It has had eleven sell-out years at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, two West End runs, an Olivier award and a BBC Radio 4 series.

In the show, the audience meets a writer of musicals who is on a deadline – she needs their help. The audience shouts out suggestions of a setting, musical styles and the title of the show and they’re off! Ruth Bratt, Lucy Trodd, Lauren Shearing, Susan Harrison and Heather Urquart head to the Boulevard to bring some of the spontaneous musical joy to the court of the queens!

Lucy Trodd
Lauren Shearing
Heather Urguhart
Susan Harrison
Ruth Bratt

Friday 15th November

A Very Serious Play

A night of improvised comedy featuring Lee Simpson (Comedy Store Players) and Ruth Bratt (Showstopper! The Improvised Musical).

Lee Simpson and Ruth Bratt are very serious about play. They present for you A Very Serious Play. Beyond that, no-one knows. Except that it’s improvised. And they like improvising with each other. And seriously playing. Throw Pippa Evans, Helen Foster, Briony Redman and Ali James into the mix and we’re looking at a serious amount of comedy.


Lee Simpson
Pippa Evans
Ruth Bratt
Helen Foster
Briony Redman

Friday 13th December

The Playground

The Playground is a sell-out impro comedy night run by Lauren Shearing (Showstopper! The Improvised Musical, The Anxiety Club) and Maria Peters, and for one night only it is coming to the Yes Queens at the Boulevard Theatre!


The Playground has been bringing together the best women in the business since 2014, and now features players from Showstopper! The Improvised Musical, Austentatious, The Comedy Store Players and more. Taking inspiration directly from the audience, these wonder women are guaranteed to blow your minds with their hilarious and quick-witted comedy. An unmissable night for sure.

Folusho Falegan
Maria Peters
Lauren Shearing
Monica Gaga
Pippa Evans
Kayleigh Llewellyn_edited
Amy Cooke Hodgson
Ruth Bratt

Friday 3rd January

These Folk

Finding the Mythic in Mundane

These folk is an improvised, musical, mythic folk tale bought to you by veteran improvisers Justin Brett (Peep Show) and Susan Harrison (Showstopper! The Improvised Musical, Mischief Theatre). Inspired by the audience suggestion and accompanied by the very best improvisational musicians, they weave a folk tale as old as time and as new as the moment it was created in.

Susan Harrison
Justin Brett
Ali James
Heather Urqhart
Helen Foster


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