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December 2014 - January 2015 at Trafalgar Studios

Award-winning actress Linda Marlowe (The World’s Wife, Berkoff’s Women) starred in Miss Havisham’s Expectations as the iconic jilted bride ‘Norma’ Havisham, forever in her wedding dress alongside the stopped clock and untouched cake - a tale of passion, vengeance and more than a little magic.


The show, which had a successful run at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe, was an original take on one of Dickens’ best loved novels. Wrestling with love, loss and ageing our heroine replayed episodes from the novel from her perspective – at times darkly funny as she explodes the stereotype with laudanum-fuelled relish.


Drawing on the text of Great Expectations, biographical material from Dickens’ own life and original material, writer-director Di Sherlock takes Miss Havisham and the audience on a roller-coaster ride through what it means to be a woman both then and now. 

“Linda Marlowe dissects Miss Havisham’s Expectations with burning eyes, savage cheekbones, a singed and stained wedding dress and mad grey dreadlocks. You’re afraid to take your eyes off her in case she attacks, like a cougar…Her scary hag-dancing is riveting…I long one day to see a duel between her Havisham and Simon Callow’s Dickens…Seduces  with  a  riot of  vivid  imagery  and  a  firework  display of virtuoso acting.” 


 ★ ★ ★ ★ The Times



"...a Dickens of a treat... a theatrical maze of memories and magic... a box of delights that is one of the most original Dickens celebrations imaginable."

★ ★ ★ ★ Michael Coveney, What's On Stage



"A witty, unexpectedly sexy evocation of a bitterly wronged woman." 

★ ★ ★ Michael Billington, The Guardian



" yourselves a favour and see Linda Marlowe in this strangely magical play"                                                   

 ★ ★ ★ ★



"There are laughs aplenty - but there are also moments of true poignancy" 

The Upcoming



"Di Sherlock’s direction never overwhelms Marlowe’s wonderful performance but adds another layer of magic through lighting, film and music. Norma Havisham is such a rich character it’s a gift for any actress and Marlowe easily steps up to the challenge, skilfully adding a poignancy to the bitterness that became her own downfall."

The List



"Marlowe’s performance is infinitely worth seeing: wild, disturbing and oddly sexy in its evocation of the wreckage of a woman who is angry beyond time, still…beautiful and not quite dead yet…. Marlowe’s  consummate  skill  delivers  a  rich  and  rollicking  ride’."

The Scotsman



"Marlowe impresses" 

Time Out

Miss Havisham's Expectations Trailer

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