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The Curious Case of

Benjamin Button 

Ambassadors Theatre

Make Every Second Count.


It was all just a matter of time. And finally, the wait is over. The foot-stomping and award-winning musical, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, arrives in London’s West End after capturing hearts and selling out at Southwark Playhouse.

With a breathtaking soundtrack brought to life by an extraordinary actor-musician ensemble, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s iconic short story is relocated to a fishing village on the north coast of Cornwall by writing team Jethro Compton and Darren Clark.

Under the light of a full moon, something most curious occurs… Benjamin Button is born old. Bound to the fate of growing younger each day, Benjamin wants nothing more than to live a little life. But will he ever find a place to belong?

Only time and tide will tell…

An electrifying journey through the timeless tale of a love that defies all odds, join us with friends and loved ones at the Ambassadors Theatre for a unique chance to catch this enchantingly beautiful and truly unordinary new musical.

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