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Cyrano De Bergerac

Harold Pinter Theatre

Winner of Best Revival at the Olivier Awards

Cyrano de Bergerac​, written by ​Edmond Rostan, is being reimagined by ​Martin Crimp, directed by ​Jamie Lloyd ​and starring ​James McAvoy​. 

Cyrano is a strong-willed man with a multitude of talents, from being a duellist, a poet and a musician all the way to being a soldier. There is one thing that causes Cyrano do be unsure of himself, his abnormally large nose. He is sure of one thing though, that no one will ever be able to love him as he is. Cyrano’s affections are directed to Roxanne and knows that his feelings for her will never be reciprocated. He is dejected when she confides in him her love of the handsome young Christian and extracts from him a promise to keep her beloved safe.

But, how far will Cyrano go to keep his promise? Will his words ever overcome his physical appearance? And will his love be forever unrequited?

Cyrano De Bergerac ran at London's Playhouse Theatre from the 27 November 2019 to 29 February 2020




'James McAvoy gives a stunningly powerful performance in this piece of pure theatre, the most breathtakingly exciting show in London right now.'

Evening Standard



'McAvoy proves a revelation in a super-smart stripped-back Cyrano that turns the play on its head and left me speechless with admiration.'

The Telegraph



'McAvoy plays the title role with menace and compelling intensity.'

The Times


'Really something else: funny, thrilling and deeply moving.'



'The success of the play relies on the actors alone and the wonderful script they have to work with. It is a triumph and deserves every accolade that will surely come its way.' 



'A last-minute contender for production of the year.'



'McAvoy admirably gives us a fierce, proud, word-intoxicated Cyrano.'

The Guardian



'McAvoy radiates charisma.'

The Stage


'This new season looks set for the kind of success Lloyd and company had last year with their marvellous Pinter retrospective. Bravo.'




'This is a ferociously good revival from Jamie Lloyd, that almost totally reclaims, reinvents and reinvigorates.'

Time Out

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