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Moira, Alma and Rachel are in their 50s and have known each other since falling in love with Soul music at College. But time has moved on and things have changed:

Glamorous Alma has had a boob job in a desperate attempt to keep her lover. Divorced and controlling Moira sees criticism as a way to improve her friends. Rachel, the peace-maker, has split from partner Sophie and is deep in mid-life crisis.

When the three reunite at a Soul Weekender, their friendship is tested to breaking point by illness, unrequited love and betrayal. Only by unconditionally accepting themselves, can they accept each other and reaffirm the power of friendship.

Soul Mates was selected as part of the Lost Theatre New Musical Festival in 2015 and won a special commendation. Writer David Kent is a veteran of theatre and cabaret with multiple plays and musicals to his name.


This show is presenting at BEAM2018.

Recordings available.

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